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Company Profile

As technology advances, it raises not only the level of quality and precision expected but also setting new and high standards in many industries like electronics, life sciences, food & beverage, petrochemical and power generation industry. In this wide range of industries, process and purified water form an integral part, while accurate and precise measurements of these waters become a key success factor.

Seni Kaliber has helped numerous clients from many industries in providing water analyzers and services. Its founder and team have behind them a total of more than half a century of experience and expertise. Its professional team has been specially trained in the latest technologies and developments in this field. Seni Kaliber has not only the experience and expertise but outstanding international leaders in water analyzer field supporting them. This partnership allows Seni Kaliber to have access in providing leading brands in the world. It comes with no surprise why Seni Kaliber prides herself to be ‘The Water Analyzer Specialist”.

In Seni Kaliber, our commitment and passion in ensuring our customers success in every partnership has been the driving force behind our goal towards excellence. Our mission is “Together we create innovative and state of the art technology in the renewal and reprocessing of water resources”. We are committed to team up with our clients to ensure their success in achieving high quality and efficient standards.

What Makes Us Different

  • We provide better, faster support and lower cost compare to our competitors.
  • Our quality assurance starts with our people, who are well trained to carry out the service and professional.
  • We do not always get it right, but when we do get it wrong we do everything in our control to rectify the problem.